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women-bike-commutersIf bicycles, smart design for bike facilities, advocacy and sustainable travel are your thing here are some links just for you!

We hope you like these links. Feel free to send through other interesting/relevant links.
We particularly like ones that feature bicycle storage - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here at Bike Storage we try hard to convince people that function is just as important
as form. We love a bike rack that works and get excited when we see other people
thinking about it because after all it's often public infrastructure. Here is a gallery
of bad bike racks and why they don't work.

Need a shot in the arm and some encouragement
about maintaining your cycle project or perhaps you need some motivation
to get one off the ground? Get dazzled here by all the remarkable projects
happening around the globe.

If you need to get from A to B or even C,D or Z quickly but don't know the
best way then this site will help you. Bike routes galore from all around the
world from the people who know them best, the cyclists.

Inbuilding design with crime prevention strategies is the focus of this website.
Although the content is a tad old it's aged extremely well and is still ahead
of the curve when it comes to design principles for theft prevention and bicycle parking.

The portal for local government and government as well as up to date info
about what's happening around Australia with cycling strategy, new resources and
the place to go for support.

One of the barriers to cylcing take up is lack of confidence for returning bike riders.
AustCycle is a wonderful program that works to get people on bikes, polish road skills
for the already riding and give advanced tips for the experienced. All teachers are
accredited. has been proud to be accredited with AustCycle
since its inception.

This very cool program donates bicycles to communities all over the world. Not only
is it working overseas but also in Australia with indignenous and marginalised communities.

Donates thousands of bicycles to communities throughout the world that needs them and
also trains members of those communities in bicycle maintenance and repair.

The place to go to quickly find practical information from experts in health, planning, active
travel, urban design etc to help make our spaces support active living and our well being.

This network grew out of Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods book. It's a great place
for parents, teachers, planners and anybody else who wants to bring the natural world
back to life in urban communities.


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