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About Us grew out of Director Graeme Roth’s frustration with the lack of quality bicycle parking options available for graeme-roth-webbicycle commuters in Australia in 2006.

Sick of looking for a secure, convenient and safe place to lock his bike Graeme combined his love of cycling and sustainable design with his background in logistics management, product design, construction and education to form the company.

Keen cyclist and Manager at Suzanne Kowalski comes to the company with a background in media, environmental advocacy and education.

The company prides itself on its commitment to effective, sustainable design that places cyclists at the centre of the process. We also believe advocacy is an important part of our business to help ensure that more people
understand what makes for suzanne-webquality bicycle parking. is a wholly Australian owned company which uses Australian made products and materials.

Our approach means we manage the whole project from start to finish taking the hassle out of finding
quality products and quality installers.

Unlike other companies we offer a unique service because we analyse your space, design the most suitable system and install the racks and infrastructure. We’ve done extensive materials and product research to come up with the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and penetration resistant security systems available.

We work with a team of proven professionals and all work is carried out to the highest standards.

Case Studies

bicycle cage hub 1cc

Two intermodal hubs
Parramatta Council, Sydney

Parramatta Council installed two secure bicycle cages with ground mounted and wall mounted racking, clothes lockers, signage, bike paths, seats and with bathrooms for cyclists. Both bike hubs featured gates specially built for cyclist entry with swipe card access and 24 hour surveillance. worked closely with the council to construct the hubs in its Horwood Place and Erby Place car parks. The bicycle parking is fully compliant with AS2890.3 and demonstrates best practice. The bike parking hubs are used as best practice examples of cyclist infrastructure.

alice springs bicycle cage cc


Ross Park Primary School, Alice Springs

When the school contacted bikestorage with a brief for a funky, secure and compliant bicycle shelter for 40 bicycles we were keen to work on the project. The brief was to park 40 bikes in an innovative way, compliment the existing site and turn it all around within two months. The school was keen to showcase its commitment to cycling so the bicycle shed was going ‘front of house’ and had to make an impact. The funky shape of the roof was Bikestorage's design solution and it has set the benchmark for combining aesthetics with function in the design of compliant bicycle parking facilities.

ground and wall mounted racks cc


Macquarie University

We worked closely with Macquarie University to develop a wholistic bicycle parking plan for the campus to complement its innovative commitment to promoting cycling at the university. We installed a mixture of wall hung and ground mounted bicycle racks and retrofitted a cage. We were thrilled when Macquarie University’s leadership in the field was recognised with a 2012 Australian Bicycling Achievement Award.

bicycle cage retrofit 1cc


Landmark Apartments, Canberra

This large apartment development comprises of a number of apartment blocks and the onsite bicycle parking was not offering the level of security cyclists needed as bike theft was proving to be a problem. Bikestorage consulted on how best to meet the needs of cyclists and deter bicycle theft and retrofitted secure bicycle cages at two sites. One site already had a chain mesh fence which wasn’t offering enough security. We replaced it with Corromesh and utilized existing ground mounted racks and provided wall mounted racks.
The second site was identified after consultation with the building managers and cyclists. An old motorbike park that wasn’t being used was identified as a great place for cyclists and as there were no walls we could use it was the perfect setting for our exclusive Bike Wall. The site was secured with Corromesh and we were happy to reuse existing racks and relocate them. Best of all cyclists now have convenient, secure bike parking at their home.

commuter hoop bike rack cc

Penrith city council

Penrith council wanted to maximise its on street bicycle parking via the provision of bicycle parking attached to street poles. Our stainless steel commuter hoops enabled council to provide bicycle parking in places where cyclists were already parking with the added advantage of security and bike support. Our patented fixing system ensures our commuter hoop provides a much more secure connection to the pole compared to similar products on the market which are attached in one narrow spot via bolts. This means that the rack sits on the pole and is vulnerable to vandalism or misuse - it can be twisted and the join broken. Our fixing system ensures there is no turning point - the rack is engineered to fully embrace the pole.  We also offer a custom jig to ensure accurate and speedy installation if clients wish to install the product themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does deliver racks nationally?
Yes. We can ship racks nationally and internationally. Call us on ph: 0434 060 855 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.

2. How do you bolt the racks down?
We recommend the use of security fasteners to ensure maximum protection for bikes.

3. What standards cover bicycle parking?
Australian Standard AS2890.3 and Austroads Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice Part 14- Bicycles. Each Australian state or territory also has cycle strategies and plans. In our opinion the AS2890.3 works from a bicycle user's perspective and we adhere to the standard to ensure best practice bicycle parking.

4. What difference does following the standards make?
The standards have been created to minimise theft and damage to bicycles and to increase the role cycling has as a viable transport mode. With safer and more functional bicycle parking more people will ride bikes to work.

5. Why is correct spacing important?
Just like a standard car parking space bicycles need clear access in and out of a park. If bicycles racks are placed too closely together bicycles can be damaged and users left frustrated. Users with expensive bicycles will avoid cramped facilities. Correct spacing also ensures cyclists don't inadvertently lock their bicycle to someone else's bike.

6. Why choose a cage over a locker?
Lockers are an expensive option for clients and provide very little bicycle parking for a big outlay. Security cages with swipe card access provide high level protection on a smaller footprint and give better value.

7. What security classes of bicycle parking are there?
There are currently three classes of security for bike storage. Class 1 is high level and comprised of fully enclosed individual lockers. Class 2 is medium level security and comprises of locked compound facilities with access by swipe card or duplicate keys. Class 3 consists of low level security facilities which allow the bicycle frame and wheels to be locked.

8. What do the Australian Guidelines recommend for bicycle racks?
The guidelines recommend that racks should enable wheels and frame to both be locked to the rack without damaging the bicycle. Specifically, racks and stands which allow only one wheel to be locked to the device or which support the bicycle by only one wheel are not recommended for use. Such devices do not provide proper support or security for the bicycle as a whole. They do not meet the requirements of AS 2890.3 and should not be used in new installations. 

9. Why do you advocate a wholistic approach to bike parking?
We believe it's best to get it right at the beginning, to follow Australian Standards and Guidelines and to use quality materials that look good and are easy to maintain. At the end of their life they can usually be recycled.

10. What kind of materials do you use?
We use Australian steels, supplied by Australian companies and use companies that follow Quality Assurance for materials finishing. Often imported steels have high silica content which has implications in the finishing processes ie. galvanising and powder coating (just like Oils ain't Oils - Steels ain't Steels)

11. We want to encourage cycling at our workplace - can you help us develop a strategy?
Yes. Director Graeme Roth is an Accredited AustCycle Provider, and has two decades of cycle commuting experience and a broad understanding of the needs of different workplaces - from bicycle storage and cycle culture perspectives.

12. Why is proper design of a bicycle parking facility important?
Many factors ensure the success of a bicycle parking facility but putting the needs of cyclists right at the heart will ensure infrastructure is well used. Placement of racks, security considerations and correct spacing are just some of the ingredients for success.




"Our new stylish bike shed is a hit with our whole school community and we love it. From our initial contact with Bike Storage to the final installation was a very quick process. During ongoing construction works at Ross Park we grabbed the opportunity to update our tired, sprawling old bike shed and contacted Bike Storage with a photo of a concept we had seen. Graham from Bike Storage turned our concept into a design that could be fabricated and transported to Alice Springs, complete with necessary approvals. Not only was the process very timely, the end result was stunning and we have had many comments on the aesthetics of the design, it would have to be the coolest bike shed in town. Not only does it look good, it also works really well. It is weatherproof and secure and students manage to transition in and out of the bike shed without any problems - a great success and encourages more students to ride to school each day".

Elizabeth Verstappen- Assistant Principal- Ross Park Primary School, Alice Springs NT

"Greenpeace moved to a new office in April 2010. We had two car spaces that we planned to use for storage and bike parking, but we still wanted to be able to fit a vehcle into the space for the times when it might be needed. We were also keen to reuse existing materials on-site to save on waste and cost. Graeme Roth from came up with a creative and affordable solution that incorporated a lockable storage space and 15 bike racks. He even managed to find room to park an 11 seater van while still having the space to get bikes on and off the bike racks. What we now have is a flexible and versatile space that allows a number of different functions, and more Greenpeace folk can ride their bikes to work."

Heather McCabe- Greenpeace

"Morning Graeme! Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did in our garage. The bike racks look great! Thanks again."

jeremy D. Walker - Momentum Creative Agency


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Why Us

Why Choose

We are specialistsaustralia nz

We are the one stop shop for bicycle parking. We supply and install all your bicycle
infrastructure needs (racks, cages, pumps, signage, solar, path marking, lockers) and
can project manage for clients taking all the stress out of dealing with different companies.
This is our area of expertise. We have parked thousands of bicycles around Australia and
are market leaders in the provision of bicycle cages.

We are national

We have a proven track record in installing bicycle cages, bicycle racks and bike sheds all around Australia.

We are compliant

Director Graeme Roth is a licenced builder and holds welding qualifications. He is also a qualified,
experienced AustCycle trainer. Our team is experienced, work health and safety compliant and professional.

We are market leaders

- We have successfully lobbied and encouraged others (including Bicycle User
  Groups and bicycle professionals) to lobby Standards Australia
  to have the 1993 Bicycle Facilities standards reviewed.

- Our Pause rack was a finalist in the 2012 Better By Bike design competition at Melbourne’s BikeFest.

- Our bicycle parking cages for Parramatta Council are used as best practice benchmarks in the field.

We understand cycling culture

Our company was founded by cyclists to fill a gap in the market for cyclist centric bike
parking facilities. We were sick of looking for good bike storage racks and parking our
own bicycles in racks that were spaced too closely together and that damage bicycles.
When someone chooses to use their bicycle to travel to work or for short trips we
believe quality bicycle parking should be available.

We understand cycling culture and strongly believe in the transformative power of the bicycle.

We are local is a wholly Australian owned company which uses Australian
made products and materials. But we form alliances with cutting edge companies overseas
that put cyclists at the centre of what they do. We distribute and install BikeFixtation (US)
products in Australia, Enovpark E-bike and E-car charging stations (France).

Why our bicycle parking company is different

Unlike other companies we offer a unique service because:

- We are the one stop shop for all your bicycle parking needs: no need to deal with different companies to get the job done. We do it all for you.

- We are leaders in the field: we successfully lobbied for the revision of the 1993
 Australian Standards covering bicycle facilities with the help of dedicated cyclists
 and industry professionals to ensure they meet current needs.

- We provide the best solution for your needs but we will only recommend solutions
 that will get used by cyclists: we won’t try to sell you the wrong racks too tightly spaced
 together that compromise cyclist and bike safety.

- We’ve done extensive materials and product research to come up with the most durable,
aesthetically pleasing and penetration resistant security systems available.

- We have a proven track record. Our cycle cages are currently known as best practice
in the market and referred to by experts when talking about bicycle parking infrastructure.

- We work with a team of proven professionals and all work is carried out to the highest standards.

- We are certified builders, are up to date with the latest green building technologies and have
had input into the development of the bike parking aspect of the Green Building Council of
Australia's rating tool.


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We are an Australian company committed to providing high quality, great value, functional bike racks, bike cages, bicycle sheds and infrastructure for cyclists that is compliant, good looking and works. We operate nationally and ship internationally. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to become a distributor of our products.


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